Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Build Chords/Triads from the Scale notes

Most of the guitarists want to play chords as soon as possible & to play it they follow the chord charts or their teacher tells them how to form chords. It is ok to know just the chord notes & how to hold them but as they get experience, the search of so many questions begin to arise like how to build the chords. So in this lesson we will learn to build the chords or triads from the scale itself. Chords are basiclly built from their related scales and they consists of the notes from the related scales.
In any key there are seven diatonic triads. They can be formed by building two intervals of a third on each note in the diatonic scale. Only notes including in the diatonic scale are used to build the thirds. The whereabouts of the semi tone steps will determine whether the intervals are major or minor thirds, and will dictate the type of  triad.

Harmonizing the Cmaj Scale:- Building diatonic triads on each note of the diatonic major scale produces the following series: I-maj, II-min, III-min, IV-maj, V-maj, VI-min, VII-diminished. Let's see it more deeply and apply this information to the C major Scale. As you know the notes of C major scales are "C D E F G A B C" and if you want to make chords/triads from this then according to the above given formula the firs chord in the key of C will be Cmaj scale. Now the next note of the C major scale is D which will be a minor triad as per the formula. Next note is E which will be a minor triad. If we continue doing the same we will get Fmaj, Gmaj, Amin & B diminished triads.

Harmonizing the Amin Scale:- Building triad on each note of the diatonic natural minor scale produces the following series: I-min, II-diminished, III-maj, IV-minor, V-min, VI-maj, VII-major. Amin scale has same notes as C major scale but starts from the note A. So if we harmonize the Amin scale we will get the following Chords/triads:- The first note of the Amin Scale is A so the first chord will be Amin next will be B diminished then Cmaj, Dmin, Emin, Fmaj, Gmaj.

So what to remember after reading the lesson, of course the formula to harmonize major & minor scale. Remember this formula and you can build triads on any major or minor scale also you can make great solos on the backing tracks. I will also cover a lesson on how to make solo & backing track.

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