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Remember Note Names Easily On Guitar Fretboard


In Previous lesson we learn how to read/write tablature with fret numbers only. But what if someone ask you to play notes by writing C D E F G A B C. Well most of the beginners skip to know about the note names as it may confusing & waste of time to a beginner. But don't worry I am going to cover every possible detail to guide you to be familiar with guitar fretboard. So let's begin.

Formula To Figure Every Note Name On Guitar Fret board:

Yes you read it right my friend, In this section I will tell you a simple but effective formula by which you can figure out all the note names on the guitar fret board. The advantage of this formula is, if you don't want to practice daily (which I am going to tell you) you can just remember the formula & apply the same where you need it. If you are lazy like me then you can skip the practice & can immediately start getting benefits from  this method. 
As you know each note appears several times on fretboard. For beginners its too difficult to understand & remember. So what we are going to do now is to apply our little formula & let's see what happens. First of all lets assume that we need to know every F note possible on the guitar neck. Next apply the below three step formula as below:-

STEP 1: For 6th & 5th Strings which is High E & A respectively go down two strings & go right two frets, that's it. Let's understand more deeply. If we are finding the "F" notes (the first possible "F" note we can find at high "E" string on first fret) go down two strings from High "E" string which is "D" strings now go two frets right (in direction of the picking hand). Now you are on "D" string 3rd fret which is a "F" note. Congrats we find our first "F" notes.

STEP 2: For 4th & 3rd Strings which are "D" & "G" strings respectively go down two strings & go right three frets (in direction to the picking hand). Let's continue finding another "F" note from the "D" string which is 4th  string, so now we have to go down 2 strings & go right 3 frets. After applying the formula now we are on "B" String 6th fret which is another "F" note. So far we found three "F" notes on the guitar fretboard. First on high "E" 1st fret, 2nd on "D" 3rd fret & 3rd on "B" string 6th fret.

STEP 3: What we are going to do next is to go two frets right & go straight to "A" String. Now we are at "A" String 8th fret. That's it, whenever we will on "B" string what you need to do is to go to frets right on the "A" String.
Please note if you end at some point on bottom "E" String then you can go to high "E" to find the same note.

Further we can repeat these steps to find next "F" notes. Last position of "F" note was "A" string 8th fret now find at which string you are. In this case we are on 5th String so apply the first step again. That's it , now you can find all the "F" notes which are yet to be find out until the fretboard is finished. I hope you get the method & will find all "F" notes. In this way you can find other notes too. Hope this guide will useful & will open new ways to those who don't know this method.
Let me know if you are able to find other notes, i hope you will do.

Routine Practice To Remember The Notes:
After finding all the notes on the fretboard you can make it your routine practice to remember all the notes. It will take some time to do so. Like I said earlier you can skip remembering notes by just remembering the formula as given above which is easy. But if you can remember then it will be really useful. 

Practice Ideas: Start practicing slowly, give 5 or 10 minutes a day for this. First find one note on every possible place on fretboard like we find "F" notes. Then hold each "F" note & listen the sound & say its location name loud. Ex: Strike first "F" note on high "E" string and say "first fret of high e" then go to second place which is "D" string 3rd fret, strike the same & say " 3rd fret of D" & so on. Practice for two days or until you remember all the "F" notes. Then Find all the "C" notes (& all others) & practice same way as we did with "F" notes. This will also help you to understand the sound of each note by which you can find tabs/chords of any song (I will cover how to find tabs/chords in future lessons, let's first learn some basics first).


I will not leave you wondering what you can really do with this method. After you can recognize all the notes on the fretboard you can do many things with it. There are many advantages like if you are making tabs of any song, you can find all the notes easily of the scale whose notes you are using, so you won't forget your way on the fretboard. Secondly if you are struggling to reach a note which is so far from your hand & you are not comfortable with it, then you can find another same note within the range of your hand. This way you can make your guitar playing easy.

Final Words:

At the end of this lesson I hope that you will find this guide helpful & this will make your guitar journey easy. Just start practicing daily & soon you will start visualize all the notes on the fretboad. I design this lesson for absolute beginners so if you are advance player then you can skip reading as per your choice. Soon I will provide some more lessons which will help you to make your own songs. See you soon.

If you have any questions/suggestions please leave your comment below in the comment section or just mail me.

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