Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How to Tune The Guitar? Basic & Modern methods to tune a Guitar.

If you want to play correct then you need to tune your guitar on regular basis. This is the most basic thing which is necessary for every guitar player. In the modern days there are many ways by which you can tune your guitar. There are various software's available in the market for the purpose. You can do it on your computer or on your smartphone. If you have android based smartphone then you can try many goodies available on the play store like gstring & datuner (there are 100s of other, you can experiment with all of them & you can select one as per your liking). You just need to run the software & set it to auto tune that's it, now you can play open strings one by one, the note names will be shown on the screen live. You need to strike the string & adjust its length until you find the correct note.

If you don't have smartphone (as they are expensive, android is starting from Rs. 5000 minimum) then you can buy a separate digital tuner which will do the same thing as you did with your smartphone. So these were the modern ways. Now think if you don't have digital tuner or smartphone with you and you need to tune your guitar? So now i will tell you the basic way by which you can tune your guitar (only if you tune it regularly).

Below note frequencies may be useful if you are tuning your guitar by digital tuner or smartphone:-
Open E (6th) String 82.4 Hz
Open A (5th) String 110 Hz
Open D (4th) String 146.8 Hz
Open G (3rd) String 196 Hz
Open B (2nd) String 246.9 Hz
Open E (1st) String 329.6 Hz

The best method you can say is the 5th fret tuning method. It is so called because each open string is tuned to the one above it by pressing the 5th fret on that lower string. Let's do it step by step:-

1. First of all your guitar's 5th string should be in tune ( if you play it regularly then it should be in tune).
2. Now press the 5th fret down on the 6th string (thicker one) & tune that note to the  open "A" string. They should sound the same pitch.
3. Now press the 5th fret on the 5th string and tune the open 4th string to the 5th. Make sure they sound the same.
4. You can do the same with all strings except the 2nd string. To tune the 2nd string to the 3rd string you must use the 4th fret instead of 5th fret on 3rd string.
5. Now in the final step you can adjust the strings by playing some chords & to listen them (if you are a regular player then you will immediately notice if chords are out of tune).

Other Method:-

1. Beginning with the Open E string (1st) at the right pitch, play B on the 7th fret and tune the open B string (2nd) to it.
2. Play a G on the 3rd fret of the first string and tune the open G (3rd) string to it.
3. Play a D on the 3rd of the 2nd string and tune the open D (4th) string to it.
4. Play a A on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string and tune the open A (5th) string to it.
5. Play A string on the 2nd fret of the 4th string and tune the open E (6th) string to it.
6. Finally check the open 1st and 6th Strings.

That's it, you tuned your guitar so well.

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